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Walk-In Closet

With everything visible and in its place, your custom-designed walk-in closet will brighten your day.

Walk-in closets are an important feature at the top of every realtor’s must-have list. But unless they are thoughtfully configured, they can become as overstuffed and dreary as any closet. The right custom solution will transform a walk-in from mass market to haute couture.

Walk-in closets are deceptive—there’s the perception of vast spaciousness but the reality isn’t nearly as expansive. Custom options must be carefully planned and designed to provide a storage solution that works for you. A custom walk-in closet needs to reflect your lifestyle. If you don’t wear dresses then floor-length storage is a waste of space. Instead a carefully crafted combination of shelves, drawers and stacked hanging rods is more efficient.

Quality touches like pencil glazing, crystal lighting accents and tasteful artwork can all add to the ambiance. Shoes have risen to an art form. Options abound from glass-fronted, specially lighted cabinets to stylish slanted shelves organized by heel height. Handbags also get the star treatment with custom cabinets, fabric-lined drawers and hanging options. Specialty touches include full-length mirrors and jewelry vaults.

We also have extensive experience in converting spare rooms into dressing rooms for our clients.  

Additionally, we can develop custom designs around unique room configurations, such as slanted ceilings.


Top Features:

  • Custom cabinetry, including floor-to-ceiling, glass-fronted designs

  • Pull-out valet rods

  • Drawers 

  • Custom cubbies 

  • Dedicated rods for a variety of clothing types

  • Custom formalwear storage

  • Custom jewelry vault

  • Fluted pull-out scarf rack

  • Deep drawers with custom inserts for belts

  • Glass-fronted shelves with acrylic dividers and hanging space to accommodate a handbag collection

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