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A garage can do so much more than store a car.


Garages offers a wealth of customization possibilities from garden tool organization to a sports gear depot. It can also be a tidy place to store the recycling. 

Garages often serve many functions at one time. Therefore, one should think about it in terms of zones: garden and lawn care, home repair, sports gear, children and pet management. By applying customized storage solutions to each zone, a streamlined, efficient and attractive space will emerge.

Lawn care & garden equipment are easily organized with custom cabinets, drawers, shelves and hooks. Tall cabinets and hooks can hold large tools like rakes and shovels while smaller cubbies, drawers and shelves can store hand tools and gloves.

For workspace and tool organization, consider a large flat work surface with frequently used tools hanging within easy reach. Under-counter cabinets add extra storage. Task lighting allows the hobbyist to work into the night. 

Sports gear can be organized by sport or season. Golf clubs and gear go into one cabinet, camping gear into another. Bikes and skis frees can be hung to free up floor space.

The garage is often the most frequently used entry into the home. Organizing the area around the door as a mud room with a bench and cubbies, cabinets and shelves can be quite useful. 

Consider adding built-in storage bins for pet food and recycling to reduce indoor clutter.

Top features:

  • Sturdy custom cabinetry

  • Slat wall storage 

  • Custom workbench and storage

  • Custom garden and lawn care storage

  • Custom sports gear storage

  • Recycling organization

  • Benches, hooks and cubbies

  • Pet food bins

  • Entertainment zone

  • Task lighting​

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