Reach-In Closet

A well-designed reach-in closet increases storage capacity and makes it easier to find things. 


Every home has its share of reach-in closets, and most are not functional. They consist of a single rod topped with a high shelf. The floor space is often covered with messy piles of shoes and teetering stacks of boxes. The upper shelf is where things go to be forgotten.

That’s why reach-in closets are the perfect candidate for a custom closet makeover. An efficient and functional reach-in closet is designed to be grab-and-go. And to meet its full potential, one must be able to see what’s inside.


  • Utilize stacked rods for hanging pants and tops

  • Install a single narrower rod to hang dresses and longer items

  • Add shelves to store folded items

  • Drawers keep smaller items from becoming lost.

  • A pull-out valet rod gives you a place to hang the day’s outfit.

Top features:

  • Custom cabinetry

  • Stacked rod hanging system

  • Custom shelves and cubbies

  • Drawers

  • Pull-out valet rod

  • Task lighting

Linen closets also benefit from custom design touches that maximize the efficient use of space. Custom shelves with vertical dividers store extra pillows and comforters out of the way. Install custom shelves, cubbies and vertical dividers to organize towels and bed linens. Large cubbies at floor level provide a handy place to store bulk household items or seasonal appliances, like fans or humidifiers.​

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