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Every forgotten nook is customized storage just waiting to happen

Moving up to the attic or expanding into dormers or other areas with slanted ceilings is a brilliant way to tap into unused and often-forgotten space. Awkward spaces in non-standard sizes become blank canvases with endless possibilities for customization.

From a custom dressing room to a tidy craft room or just wall-to-ceiling storage, we can design custom storage for any space no matter how complex. Many homeowners are now converting unused space in the attic into living areas.

Add a spiral staircase and repurpose the attic into a custom dressing room or storage for out-of season clothing and little-used items. Formalwear storage, for instance, requires a bit of extra TLC to keep your gowns black-tie ready.

Formal gowns usually require their own wardrobe of accessories—wraps, clutches and shoes, which should all be stored together. Our glass-fronted cabinets include a shelf above the gowns to house matching wraps. Delicate clutches can be tucked in flannel bags and stored in a drawer. Black-tie shoes are placed on a flat shelf nearby and organized heel-to-toe for easy matching of color and heel height to the occasion and gown.

For him, tuxedo cabinets are built with space to hang the pants long (rather than folded over a rod or hanger) and are outfitted with small drawers to host socks, shoeshine tools, studs or cufflinks.

Attic spaces or underused dormers offer perfect dedicated nooks for crafts and hobbies. These often come with a wide assortment of specialized tools and materials. It can become overwhelming but some simple customization will turn any space into a well-organized haven that will inspire all your projects.

What sets aside a custom craft space is that it is designed around the way you work, your specialized crafting needs and provides a place for everything. Many of our craft rooms include central work islands. They can be equipped with drawers to keep tools and supplies within easy reach, large pull-out shelves for storing cutting mats and overhangs that hide stools to accommodate extra helpers.

Top features

  • Custom cabinetry
  • Special occasion storage
  • Craft room