Reach-in Closets


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Reach-in Closets

It’s not the size that counts; it’s the most efficient use of space

Every home has its share of reach-in closets. Each one can be optimized to store your things as efficiently as possible. Give your son a customized place for all his treasures. Fashion model, shoe diva, sports nut, suit all your daughter’s styles with storage tailored to her passions. From game rooms to craft rooms and every room in between, if it has a closet, make it suit your needs.

Most reach-in closets are not functional. They consist of a single rod topped with a high shelf. It’s a waste of good storage space. After all, how much of your wardrobe is full-length? The open floor space encourages messy piles and teetering stacks of shoe boxes. The upper shelf is where things go to be forgotten.

There’s nothing efficient or even functional about standard reach-in closets. That’s why they’re the perfect candidate for a custom closet makeover.

The beauty of a reach-in closet is that it’s designed to be grab-and-go. But to meet its full potential you have to be able to see what’s in there.

For clothing storage, that might mean stacked rods for hanging pants and tops next to a much narrower slot with a single rod to house dresses and longer items. Well-designed shelves store folded items. Drawers keep smaller items from becoming lost. Adding a pull-out valet rod is a luxury upgrade that makes so much sense, giving you a place to hang the day’s outfit or stage dry cleaning before putting it away.

The custom design possibilities are endless for reach-in closets elsewhere in the home. A mudroom closet can be customized with labeled cubbies for every member of the family, with small shelves for keys, hooks for handbags or leashes and drawers for everything else.

Linen closets also benefit from custom design touches to maximize the efficient use of space. Custom shelves with vertical dividers placed high store extra pillows and comforters out of the way. Install custom shelves, cubbies and vertical dividers to organize towels and bed linens. Large cubbies at floor level provide a handy place to store bulk household items or seasonal appliances, like fans or humidifiers.

Top features:

  • Custom cabinetry
  • Pull-out valet rod
  • Task lighting
  • Drawers
  • Stacked rod hanging system
  • Custom shelves with vertical dividers
  • Custom cubbies