Laundry Rooms


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Laundry Rooms

Dispatch chores in no time

No one likes chores, so why waste time in disorganized chaos. Customize your laundry room into a sleek, efficient workspace and you’ll be in, out and on with the fun stuff in no time.

Spacious and highly efficient, custom designed laundry rooms are a hot new trend in home design. Instead of a poorly lighted forgotten corner of the basement or stuffed into an unorganized catch-all closet, laundry rooms are getting a serious makeover.

Sleek new laundry rooms improve workflow by organizing everything within easy reach, often out of sight. That means custom cabinets to house your favorite laundry products and accessories, built-in cubbies to tuck wicker laundry baskets out of the way and off the floor, and custom pull-out drying racks for lingerie and other delicates.

Laundry rooms are getting bigger and brighter. Upgraded fixtures and trim create better flow and design consistency throughout a home. High-end features include an ironing nook hosting a built-in ironing board and flat screen TV and granite-topped center islands for sorting and folding. Well-planned counter layouts help streamline laundry tasks while under-counter cabinets provide additional storage for bulk items bought at warehouse stores. Discrete charging stations offer a handy but unobtrusive place to charge electronics.

Some families are even doubling up on appliances to better reduce the time spent on chores. All these features can be elegantly and efficiently organized into a custom space that minimizes the time and even increases the enjoyment of dispatching the family’s weekly laundry chore.

Top features:

  • Custom cabinetry
  • Task lighting
  • Abundant counters for folding and sorting
  • Custom pull-out drying racks
  • Custom hanging rods, including pull-out valet rods
  • Built-in ironing board
  • Center island folding station
  • Abundant storage for bulk items
  • Electronics charging station