5 Things You Need to know


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5 Things you need to know

Exceptional quality and an outstanding company are often evident in the details. Sophisticated Storage Solutions pays close attention to the details that make the difference between our solutions and all the rest.

1. Price
Many companies use gimmicks and come-ons to get you to buy from them. But there’s often a hidden price. You’ll never see us mark up our prices so that we can offer you a coupon or a discount. That’s not the way we chose to do business. We believe you deserve an honest price and our designers, shop workers and installers deserve a fair wage.

And we’ll never sacrifice quality—in materials, hardware, design, installation or customer service—to lower price. We’ll design a solution that meets your needs and fits your budget. We offer a fair price for our products and services. Period. That’s our philosophy.

2. Design & Installation
Our systems are built to last and offer the flexibility that allows you to change around them. For most closets, we prefer closet structures that are kept off the floor, in case you want to update flooring or carpeting in the future or store bulky items, like suitcases. Floor mounted systems are great—in the right setting and for certain applications.

Our wall-hung systems use a rail and partition clips that can be adjusted to make the system level and plumb. Other systems use shims. We hang our poles two inches higher than other companies, increasing the versatility and customization of your clothes hanging options. Our top shelves are continuous to maximize storage and avoid gaps. Our designers will be happy to explain the differences in performance and esthetics that our systems deliver and help you decide what design works best for you.

Sometimes mistakes happen. That’s life, right? Because we control the entire process from the moment you place an order through the manufacture and fabrication of your closet components to the installation, we can often make a new piece or fix the problem the same day so there is no delay in your enjoyment of your new closet.

3. Materials
This is where the details that reflect our unsurpassed quality really shine. They’re evident in the choice of round metal poles in a wide selection of finishes at no additional charge. In the selection of the best available furniture-grade hardware for better performance and esthetics and in the top-of-the-line drawer fronts that are standard in all our designs. See the difference that quality materials make when you visit our showroom.

4. Service
We’re very easy to do business with. We do what we say. Mean what we say. And guarantee that your storage solution will be exactly what we design together. We print the design and price on the spot. That way there’s no wait. No surprises. No hidden agendas.

5. Satisfaction
We’ve never had a customer regret their decision to install one of our storage solutions. In fact, many of them wonder why they waited so long. They enjoy the time savings and stress busting that their organized closet provides every day.

When it comes to our quality, the details are endless. We pay attention to every last one because that’s what makes the difference between a storage solution that just does the job and one that makes your life so much easier.